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World Digital Services

Software Guideline Guidance

Why Terms of Services Matter

Terms of Services are designed to protect companies from potential repercussions with the misuse of their software. While being written they typically generalize to apply to as much of their userbase as possible. This leads to very long documents as outlined below:

The Problem

Through no ill intent, software companies make rules that categorize innocent usage as malicious, causing massive disruption to the business of their customers.

Imagine you own an extension for a browser like Google Chrome. The Google Chrome Web Store distributes these extensions and has its own specific set of guidelines and policies that are considered acceptable practice. If one day these policies change and you are not up to date with the adaptation, you risk your entire extension userbase being wiped from existence. Bringing your total revenue from the extension to $0. Now imagine this principal applied to any partner you use for distributing software.

How World Digital Services Helps

World Digital Services are the experts of reading extremely long nuanced documents such as Terms and Services. We strive to not just tell you what the changes are but provide options to how these changes can be implemented to prevent unwanted disruption to your business.

We offer the following services for Software Gudielines Monitoring:

  • Audit of current Terms of Services and other policies that apply to your business.
  • On-going monitoring for changes to terms and policies that impact your operations.
  • Provide actionable changes that allow your products and business to adapt to changes in terms and policies.